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scoreboard version 2

With guppyi scoreboard GUI you can control graphics inserts like the score, cards, time, team line-up, substitutions and own ads via a graphical interface and stream them to the Internet or display them on a scoreboard. Below is an example of the scoreboard as you know it from football broadcasts on TV.

or Scoreboard for American Football

or Scoreboard for Basketball

or for Volleyball

or for Icehockey

 or for Hockey

 or for Handball

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And so you come in just a few steps to your scoreboard

Step 1: Register for free on guppyi.com (Menu Login / Register)

Step 2: After you have registered you will receive a confirmation email to unlock your account (Please also look in the Spam folder of your email program)

Then you click the link in the email and you can log in to your Sports Scoreboard.

Any questions? Everything is explained in the video tutorial 01

Step 3: First, you have to create your teams in the scoreboard

Step 4: Now you have to create a game in the scoreboard


Video Tutorial 03 shows you how it works

Step 5: To output the scoreboard you have to generate an output URL from the scoreboard. You can then use these in a streaming software, e.g. Open Broadcaster Software or XSplit Broadcaster as a browser Source on your live video and then stream to Youtube, Facebook, etc. (If you need your own streaming server, we are happy to help info@guppyi.com).

Or enter the URL in the browser to display the scoreboard on a screen or big screen in the stadium.


This is described in detail in Video Tutorial 05

Step 6: To control the scoreboard output, click on onAir and control all the graphic overlays


Example Output of the scoreboard to a live stream

Android with guppyi scoreboard

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Sports Scoreboard Version 2

Here are all videos in which we explain the operation of the Sports Scoreboards step by step.

Three tutorials without a speaker:

  1. Tutorial – quick start your scoreboard
  2. Tutorial – custom graphic inserts
  3. Tutorial – add and show yor team logo in the scoreboard

Acht Videoanleitungen zum Scoreboard mit Sprecher (Programmierer Rene / Sprache deutsch)

  1. Video Tutorial 01 – Login & Register
  2. Video Tutorial 02 – Wie lege ich Teams und Spieler an
  3. Video Tutorial 03 – Anlegen von Spieltagen und hochladen eines Sponsors
  4. Video Tutorial 04 – Wie macht man eine Mannschaftsaufstellung
  5. Video Tutorial 05 – Scoreboard Ausgabe konfigurieren und in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) einfügen
  6. Video Tutorial 06 – scoreboard mit verschiedenen Layouts und OBS Einstellungen
  7. Video Tutorial 07 – Wie erstelle ich eigene Grafikeinblendungen
  8. Video Tutorial 08 – Elemente der grafischen Oberfläche (GUI)

Und zu guter Letzt ein guppyi Talk mit mir (Michael) und Rene

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scoreboard version 2

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