Tutorial: Design your own news, culture, sports channel with the guppyi Newsroom app and Open Broadcaster software


newsroom standard layout

guppyi newsroom standard layout

Step 1: if you don’t have a guppyi account you have to register first

Step 2: next you have to log in on the guppyi page: Login / Register

Step 3: switch to the dashboard here you can see all scoreboards. To start the newsroom click on “LiveTV”

guppyi dashboard

the following page opens

In the guppyi newsroom you can choose between two editions. One full screen with switchable ticker, clock, channel title and lower thirds. The second mode is the window mode, which means that the video is reduced in size and further information about the live content can be displayed. Windows mode is activated by clicking on the Newsroom button.

guppyi newsroom

Button Newsroom:

This button loads a background layout for your news channel

Button COVID-19 today:

Depending on the country selected, this button loads the COVID statistics

Button COVID-19 (rotate all countrys):

This button loads the COVID statistics of each country in a loop

Button headline:

This button loads the name / title of your channel

Button lower third info:

This button loads a graphic overlay (lower third) e.g. Commentator name and country

Button start crawl:

This button loads a news ticker. Either the text you wrote in the free text area or from a loaded RSS feed

Button start crawl:

if you want to display an rss feed then enter the url and load the rss feed by clicking on the “Generate from rss” button

Button show main content:

if you want to display an rss feed then enter the url and click on the button append RSS feed