guppyi scoreboard GUI and CasparCGcasparcg-with-guppyi-scoreboard

In order to use the scoreboard overlays with the guppyi Scoreboard GUI and CasparCG you have to download the latest version of CasparCG and if necessary the CasparCG Client:: download CasparCG Server 2.2.x

You just have to unpack the two RAR files and start the programs without installing.

after starting the software, a console is opened. In this console, you can send commands to the CasparCG server.

for Example: play 1-1 amb This will play the video amb in Channel 1 and Layer 1. To put the scorboard on the video, you enter the following command:

PLAY 1-10 [HTML] “!!! deine guppyi Ausgabe URL !!!” CUT 1 Linear RIGHT

mit diesem Befehl legst du die guppyi scorboard Ausgabe auf den Layer 11 und so auf das video.