Here I describe how you can integrate the live video into OBS with your Android phone or tablet and control the graphics with guppyi scoreboard. You need the following for this:

1. an Android phone or tablet with camera

2. Android App e.g. the free App IP Webcam

3. a PC or laptop is installed on the OBS

4. A Wifi network with Internet access to integrate the video into OBS, display the guppyi graphics on the video and stream it to the Internet


First, connect all devices to the network. Then you install the App IP Webcam on your Android. Next, install OBS Open Broadcaster Software on your computer. To use guppyi scoreboard you can register for free on

Now you start the Android app


IP webcam

On the start page of the app you can make different settings. It is important that you set the resolution in the menu item Video Preferences to 1280×720.

IP Webcam

To start the camera you scoll the page to the end. There is a menu item Start server. You click on this. This activates the camera and streams into your network. At the bottom of your display you can see the IP address of the Android phone. e.g.

If you enter this address in your browser you will get to the camera control

IPWebcam Admin Page

In order to integrate the live video into OBS you start OBS and insert the IP Adreese plus / video as Source as VLC Source. In our example it is


obs vlc source

obs VLC source

This is all about incorporating live video from your Android phone into OBS. Next you add the output URL of guppyi as browser source and this source on the video

guppyui scoreboard output url

guppyi output url for obs

Android Kamera mit guppyi scoreboard

That’s it. If you have questions write me an email


New: create your own News Channel with the free guppyi Newsroom App and OBS

newsroom standart lyout

newsroom standard layout

Register for free and start yor channel without any limitation

Here is a manual how to setup a channel

Here is a Video Tutorial how to setup your channel