Control the guppyi scoreboard with the free Android app Macro Deck

The following scoreboards are supported: basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, ice hockey and American football as well as LiveTV. The soccer scoreboard will be changed soon.

What do you need?

  1. guppyi scoreboard access ( )
  2. download Macro Server for the PC ( )
  3. Macro Deck App for Android

And this is how you configure guppyi and the macro deck server

Log in to guppyi and choose your scoreboard in the dashboard

I choose basketball in our example

I want to start and stop the game time with my Android and control the buttons H 24sec, H14sec and G24sec, G14sec. To do this, I click on the gear symbol above:

Some keys are already assigned a keyboard hotkey, e.g. start and stop time (space bar). The buttons H24sec etc. are not yet assigned. There I select the following keys u, i, j, k (these are not yet assigned)

To assign a hotkey to a button, I click the button and then the desired key.

in this case I now click the u button. I do this in the same way for the other three.

You can now see the assignment behind the vertical line. Now all you have to do is save the setup.

After saving, the respective key on the keyboard should trigger the respective button. Now we configure the Macro Server. To do this, start the server on the PC

I deleted all default buttons. You can do this by clicking on a button and pressing the right mouse button.

Now we start the Mcaro Deck app on the Android

Now you can choose the connection. Either USB or connect over wifi. If you want to be connected via Wifi you have to enter the IP address of your computer. Here it is e.g.

The Android device now connects to the server and loads the configuration of the buttons from the server. In our case 15 empty keys. Now we can configure this on the server.

To do this, we have to select an action on the right. In our case we find the hotkeys under System

Next you click on “Configure” and determine which key is simulated:

After selecting the key you have to save this

Now you can set the button from the layout. I just want to change the name (label) and delete the symbol.

Now we can drag and drop the button onto the button layout and the first button is ready

in the same way we create the other buttons

Now we can test the app. To do this, we minimize the Macro Deck Server (it must run in the background) and bring our scorboard to the foreground