Contents instructions and videos

  1. Instructions for the scoreboardAnleitung zum Scoreboard

    1. general

    2. custom graphic overlays

    3. soccer scoreboard

    4. basketball scoreboard

    5. ice hockey scoreboard

    6. hockey scoreboard

    7. handball scoreboard

    8. volleyball scoreboard

    9. american football scoreboard

    10. Newsroom App

  2. scoreboard video tutorials

    1. Login & Register

    2. How to add Teams and Player

    3. Create a game and upload a sponsor

    4. How do you make a team line-up

    5. Configure scoreboard output and insert into OBS

    6. scoreboard with different layouts and OBS settings

    7. How do I create my own graphic overlays

    8. Elements of the graphical user interface

  3. Video & Streaming Software and guppyi scoreboard

    1. guppyi scoreboard GUI and CasparCG

    2. scoreboard insertions with Wirecast

    3. guppyi scoreboard for Streamlabs OBS

    4. guppyi Scoreboard GUI for VMIX Live Video Streaming Software

  4. Apps / hardware to control the guppyi scoareboard