guppyi Scoreboard enable you to overlay and control easily scores, substition, cards, time and advertising to your livestream. You only have to add manually the scoreboard Output URL from into your streaming software. You can setup unlimeted Teams, games and Layouts. To remove the watermark and guppyi Banner oft the free Version you have the following Options.

free version

  • all functions with the restriction that additionally a watermark is displayed and every 5 minutes an ad banner is displayed

59,88€ per year

4,99per month
  • no advertisements, no watermark
  • Payment interval once a year

47,94€ every 6 month

7,99per month
  • no advertisements, no watermark
  • Payment interval every 6 months

9,99 € per month

9,99per month
  • no advertisements, no watermark
  • Payment interval once a month

step by step to the pro version

  1. register for free at .. simply click the button “register free”

  2. now you can test all functions (output is watermarked and with commercial)

  3. In order to remove the watermark and advertisements, you have to opt for paid access (the difference is the payment interval and, consequently, the converted monthly expenses.

  4. you can sign up for a subscription under your profile (subscription)

  5.   after clicking Subscription you will get to the selection of the payment interval

  6.   select an interval and you will be redirected to Paypal to complete the subscription

  7. upon completion and payment of the amount due, you will be redirected back to

  8. now you can use guppyi without watermarks

  9. after receiving the payment confirmation from Paypal you will find under Bills the current invoice