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Control the guppyi scoreboard with the free Android app Macro Deck
The following scoreboards are supported: basketball, volleyball, handball. Hockey, ice hockey and American football as well as LiveTV. The soccer scoreboard will be changed soon.

What do you need?

guppyi scoreboard access
download Macro Server for the PC
Macro Deck App for Android
The Macro Deck Manual is now online in German and English at guppyi.com
next week i will show you how it works with touch portal app and how you can guppyi scoreboard with a video mixer and chroma key .. see you
out put for chroma keying
you only have to add the color code to the outpu URL &_bg=00FF00
control your sccoreboard with the "Touch Portal App"
The next tutorial deals with the scoreboard output in different layouts at the same time, e.g. for the video screen in the stadium and a layout for the live stream.
Bundesliga team Turbine Potsdam will use the guppyi scoreboard for the live stream tomorrow.
tomorrow Potsdam will play against SC Sand. you can follow the livestream with guppyi scoreboard on facebook
use guppyi scoreboard in the OBS GUI with custom browser docks